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WA Digitales

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WA Software Download now free for life time

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 key Features

  • Send Unlimited WhatsApp Messages
  • Bulk Send Messages to Groups
  • Message Delay Time Management
  • Grab WhatsApp Group Links from Web
  • Auto Group Joiner
  • Import your contact numbers from an excel sheet

get more business. ✅ Allows Unlimited Messages ✅ Work all over the world ✅ Work in all country code ✅ Button Option Facility ✅ Menu creation facility ✅ Multimedia Support ✅ Image With Caption ✅ Multi-Channel Support ✅ Customized Messages ✅ Video Support ✅ Multiple Account Supported ✅ Numbers Filter ✅ Groups Contacts Extractor ✅ Advance Settings ✅ Multi-Language ✅ Auto Reply ✅ Dynamic Chatbot ✅ Group Posting ✅ Message Scheduling ✅ Import from WhatsApp

Developer 's Description

WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Software is a tool designed to streamline and automate the process of sending bulk messages on the WhatsApp platform. This software is typically used by businesses, marketing professionals, and organizations that need to reach a large number of recipients simultaneously. With this software, users can create and manage contact lists, compose customized messages, and send them to multiple recipients at once. The software often offers features such as message personalization, allowing users to add individualized information to each message, such as the recipient’s name or other relevant details.

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